Achieving the Perfect Design: Customize Primary and Secondary Colors Using BakkesMod

When it comes How To Make A Full Black Car In Rocket League Rocket League, having a unique car design is crucial. While options for customization are abundant, creating a entirely black car, especially the sought-after Black Octane, can be extremely demanding. In this post, we’ll explore multiple approaches to help you accomplish that stylish all-black design, allowing you to rule the field with your style. Let’s delve into the details!

Decals for an All-Dark Appearance

Getting a black car in Rocket League is doable through decals. Various ESports decals, such as G2 Esports, NRG Esports, and Space Station, provide a virtually all-black look, promptly transforming your vehicle into a dark powerhouse. The Classy Formal decal is yet another favored choice, adding an refined touch reminiscent of a elegant tuxedo. Other decals, including Distorted, Dot Matrix, Stipple Gait, and WWE Summerslam Package, also offer black or All Black Octane-black appearances. However, adjusting your car’s base color may be necessary to obtain the desired result.

The BakkesMod software for personal computer Enthusiasts

If you play Rocket League on a PC, you have an extra method to additionally personalize your car: BakkesMod. This renowned mod opens up a complete new variety of possibilities, including the ability to convert any of your preferred cars Rocket League into sleek black machines, especially the black Octane. To install BakkesMod and unlock its customization features, follow along these easy steps:

Go to and discover the prominent download link on the main page.

Unzip the downloaded folder by right-clicking on it and selecting “Extract Files.”

Start the Bakkesmod .exe file found within the unzipped folder to install and set up the mod and perform any necessary updates.

Launch Rocket League and ensure the installation of BakkesMod by pressing F2 on the main menu to enter the BakkesMod menu.

In the BakkesMod menu, click on “Items” and verify that “Enable items mod” is checked.Customize the “Primary” and “Secondary” colors to black or simply insert a black Octane code from the BakkesMod webpage to attain your desired design.

Wrapping Up Key Points in the Conclusion

In conclusion, achieving a fully black car in Rocket League is within reach through different methods. By using decals like G2, Black Car Design Rocket League NRG, and Space Station or employing the BakkesMod mod on PC, you can alter your vehicle into a streamlined black machine. Don’t accept the ordinary; make a statement on the field with your fully black Octane, leaving your opponents in awe. Get ready to conquer Rocket League with your stunningly all-black car!

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